Glass Green Bugbear

Lower View Literature

The universe is aligning,

a turn in the moon and a

glitch in the ventricles of Mercury

foretells great things,

for the week ahead.



Boy, I’m a lot like you,

defiant as all hell


as charming as the day is long,

it’s all in the cheekbones but

none will ever say so.

My dear, my

lovely lullaby skipped off

down the rabbit hole under the

talons of terrible.


Late night,

I caught my own eye

glass green bugbear

howling sick and dreadful.

Quickly running out of things to do,

I’ll scramble around all

dressed up and defiant

I am unquestionably beautiful


I’m wonderful and whimsical

the cool breeze

at the height of summer

but the riddle of this being

I’m caught

longing for the dead

excuse me.


Hungry animals

teething the evenings,

alerting the crowds to Artemis

quick upon heels and no time

for tenderness. She smells

like blood and sweat and circumstance

all rage and rancour and

not a soul let through.

But we’re sated by the kill and

a lust for life.


Me, a vampire

an old fashioned blight

transfigured by

attempts to dance to Madonna,

heart set to vibrate and

a voice much louder so

you can see the problem here.

I back track.


With fearless abandon,

I dare them to try me.

Boy, I’m a lot like you,

calm as the sun

sitting still in the sky and

full of my own intuition.

I’m proud of it, you know

our matched mannerism,

it’s all in the tide and the temper

but let’s leave it there.


Lec Hunter (Lec Lion) is a queer poet based in Melbourne, who also writes prose and is interested in writing theatre, too. Lec has performed at Fringe Festival, with Myriad Collective and been a regular feature writer with Phantasmagoria Magazine. Currently Lec is working on a novel, a poetry chapbook and a play and you can find more work at 

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